Let me introduce myself.  My name is Elena Urumova and I am the designer and owner of Lena-Lena. I love the nature, the free spirit, the sunny weather, the beaches, the provocative art, but most of all I love my job. Can’t even call it a job. It is my desire, my life, my every day and every minute. I believe I don’t just do lingerie. The real product that you will find on this website is confidence, feelings and emotions. To yourself. No need to have an occasion to wear sexy lingerie. Every woman must feel special and irresistible every day. That’s what I believe in and that’s what Lena-Lena is about.

I want you to meet the web-designer and illustrator Kaloyan Toshev. So if you wonder who made the logo, this website and the art direction, he did. Yes, it’s all his fault! Starting with the concept of the visual branding, the colors, the tags, the business cards, the packaging and basically all the details around Lena-Lena. He pretty much managed to present how I feel about my work in this website, and he did great.

Why do we work well together? I can say we both share the same opinion about the woman beauty and how it should be presented to you. We don’t want to just give you a bunch of photos and information to read about the products. We want to tell you a story about what we do. We want to make you feel that you are part of this story, because you are. Every product here is made with such an effort. So much time and focusing is spent on it. And it is actually especially made for you, I’m not just saying it. Every order gets the attention and the caring about the details that make this lingerie so special.

Receiving orders from all around the world is a very rewarding feeling. It is so impressive how such a simple think, like making garments, can actually connect people from everywhere. So there is a little part of me, all around the world! Isn’t that amazing!

The studio where I do the designing and sewing work is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. I send the products internationaly so don't hesitate to order no matter where you are. You can find further information in the Terms & Delivery section.

The products are subject of multiple tests, I garantee their best quality. The material's tolerance of delicate skin is excellent. All products are made using high quality threads, which ensure their long life. The products reaction to machine washing is good, although I recommend handwashing to ensure their long life. The fabrics don't shrink and the colors don't fade.

To keep your Lena-Lena's products in their best quality I recommend:
Handwash products / Do not dryclean / Do not iron / Wear with pleasure and confidence

Thank you for the interest!